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graphic card access



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sretzki at gmx

Jun 14, 2005, 5:21 AM

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graphic card access


a question came to my mind:

How is the graphic card access done? I mean, given that I run different
OSes as domUs, like some linuxes and some BSDs, can I fire up x11r6
(or any other graphical environemnt under any other xen-aware OS) in

I mean, from the xen-point-of-view, a graphics adapter is, in the best
case, just another device, and in the worst case, a special device
represented as a console... .

It would be best if all Operating Systems could work with the graphics
card at the same time, so that I can fire up displaying systems on all ;)
(for example a Plan9 without rio is no life...)

Is that possible? Out of the box? Any special setups needed (if yes, give
me a manpage please ;) )


Sascha Retzki

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