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Mailing List Archive: Xen: Introspect
FW: Status Update

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steve at atc-nycorp

Jun 2, 2009, 8:47 AM

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FW: Status Update

> From: Stephen Spector
> Xen Introspection Project Team:
> I am looking to get some status from everyone on progress,
> documentation, etc. Any response is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
> Stephen Spector
> Community Manager, Xen.org
> stephen.spector [at] xen <mailto:stephen.spector [at] xen>
> (772) 621-5062
> BLOG: http://blog.xen.org <http://blog.xen.org/>

Hi, Stephen,

As you've probably noticed, there have been a few emails on the list
offering existing research efforts as starting points for the project, and a
few emails asking for technical help implementing introspection. Pretty
much all threads have been dead ends.

I think we have two problems. First, without funding we can't put resources
towards the project. Here at ATC-NY we have 2 proposals in the pipeline, so
we may be able to do some work if either gets funded. I don't know about
the funding status of other participants.

The second problem is the difficulty in altering the hypervisor for those of
us unfamiliar with it. For example, we spent about a hundred man-hours
trying to implement "memory trigger" functionality, but had to abandon the
effort. I think the group needs some level of dedicated support from
XenSource or Citrix to answer questions.

I'm inviting other opinions on how we could move the project forward. I
suspect most participants are still very interested, but also very busy on
other projects. If anyone else has an update, please let us know.

- Steve

Steve Brueckner

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