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Mailing List Archive: Xen: Introspect
Re: Starting Points for the Xen Introspection Project

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brian.hay at uaf

Nov 19, 2008, 5:12 AM

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Re: Starting Points for the Xen Introspection Project [In reply to]

I'm on the road right now at a NASA panel review (with my head full of
science rather than computer science!), but here are some quick
thoughts on this:

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 11:36 AM, Hajime Inoue <hinoue [at] atc-nycorp> wrote:
> Here are some of my thoughts on the Xen Introspection Project. We've agreed
> that creating a list of requirements is the first thing the project should
> do. We listed some general requirements during the first teleconference.
> >From ATC-NY's perspective, our highest priority feature is the ability to
> trap on guest memory accesses (rwx) to specific addresses.

Matt and I had a chat about this a while ago and it seems fairly
reasonable to get going quickly - the functionality already exists to
mark pages as -w or -x, for example, then it just seems to be an issue
of a lookup to determine if that is really the permission, or a false
permission to provide the VMI trap. I suppose that the devil is in
the details, but a coarse version of this should be fairly easy.

> There are no publicly available tools that allow us to do this with recent
> versions of Xen or support both Windows and Linux. So it is an open
> question whether we should start with a new library or adapt an existing
> introspection tool. I believe to get something running quickly we should
> adapt an existing project and tweak the API over time. It is better to have
> something running than to fully design a project before implementation.

I'm certainly interested in getting something running in the near
future, but I think we would benefit from at least an initial strategy
for how this functionality may evolve (e.g., I think we want to place
as little as possible in the hypervisor, if for no other reason than I
want to see as simple a hypervisor as possible in order to make it
more likely that we can write it in a high assurance manner). We
should also carefully consider how little we could add at this point
to get the project going, in order to reduce the need to deprecate
functionality in the future.

> What should be the basis for the introspection tools? There are three
> introspection projects described in recent literature that are Xen specific:
> XenAccess [1] - started by Bryan Payne from Georgia Tech. It builds on
> top of XenCtrl. Its API concentrates on mmapping domU memory into
> domO. It has some advantages in that it supports both Linux and
> Windows. It can also mmap domU process memory into dom0, which is
> a potential benefit to reverse engineering tools. It is GPL'd.
> Source is available from xenaccess.googlecode.com. (I am most
> familiar with this project because ATC-NY uses it as a base for
> our own tools and I am a minor contributer.)
> VIX (Virtual Introspection for Xen) [2]- Hay and Nance's VM
> introspection tools for forensics and a library utility for
> building them. Linux 2.6 specific, it consists of specific
> forensic tools along with a utility library that assists in
> mmapping domU kernel memory. Is source available?

I have not made the source available at this point, but don't really
have an objection to doing so.

> Ether [3] - Another effort from Georgia Tech that concentrates more
> on hypervisor modifications and is specific to Intel VT HVM domUs.
> This was recently described at ACM CCS 2008. The group has
> apparently abandoned Xen in favor of KVM. However, source for the
> Xen modifications are available. Their tools are able to log system
> calls as well as break after every guest instruction execution. Ether
> is Win XP SP2 specific.
> EXAMIN-C - This is our set of tools and libraries that are built on top of
> XenAccess. By using libraries that parse Windows PDB and GCC
> intermediate
> representation files, we can write C-like scripts that are very close to
> code that run as they would in the guest kernel. We support both
> Windows and Linux (we've tested on Windows XP, Vista, Fedora, and
> Debian).
> Our goal is to make writing introspection tools less brittle and
> independent
> of minor OS versions. Unfortunately, at this moment it is unclear how
> much
> we can publicly release.
> The introspection project requires two pieces: a hypervisor component and a
> user-space component. XenAccess and VIX offer a user-space library for
> implementing introspection tools. It would be nice to be able to compare
> these libraries and use one as a basis for future feature inclusions

I would be happy to have that discussion.

> most advanced hypervisor component currently available, that I'm aware of,
> is Ether. Ether is still immature but offers the features that ATC-NY
> desires most.
> Licensing is also an issue. We are quite happy to contribute to an open
> source introspection library, but we would like the option to keep some of
> the tools built using it proprietary. We would therefore like the
> introspection library to be LGPL'd or less restrictive. Other commercial
> vendors would likely have similar concerns. The current XenAccess version
> is problematic because of its dependence on libxenctrl. We would want to
> avoid any gpl dependency in a Xen introspection library.

I think this is an issue we can resolve.

> References:
> [1] Bryane Payne et al. Secure and Flexible Monitoring of Virtual
> Machines. ACSAC 2007.
> [2] Brian Hay and Kara Nance. Forensic Examination of Volatile System
> Data Using Virtual Introspection. SIGOPS Operating Systems Review.
> April 2008.
> [3] Artem Dinaburg et al. Ether: Malware Analysis via Hardware
> Virtualization Extensions. CCS '08.
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Brian Hay

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