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Re: [Wikimania-l] Welcoming OpenHatch to organize the pre-Wikimania hackathon



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sumanah at wikimedia

Jun 21, 2012, 3:08 PM

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Re: [Wikimania-l] Welcoming OpenHatch to organize the pre-Wikimania hackathon

On 06/19/2012 11:23 AM, rupert THURNER wrote:
> Am 18.06.2012 20:40 schrieb "Sumana Harihareswara" <sumanah [at] wikimedia>:
>> OpenHatch is a non-profit dedicated to matching prospective free
>> software contributors with communities, tools, and education. Wikimedia
>> Foundation is pleased to announce that we're partnering with OpenHatch
>> <http://openhatch.org/> to make the upcoming pre-Wikimania hackathon
>> even more useful.
>> Asheesh Laroia and other OpenHatch folks will be working with Katie
>> Filbert (Aude), Gregory Varnum (Varnent), and me to encourage and aid
>> the Wikimedia technical community, by designing and executing the
>> novice-focused half of the hackathon. You'll see Asheesh in IRC as
>> "paulproteus".
>> I'm excited that we're working with OpenHatch on this. I've borrowed
>> lessons from OpenHatch in structuring our events and educational
>> materials. They are leaders in teaching new contributors, and in
>> building open source communities' capacity to nurture. With OpenHatch's
>> help with this event (and with the documentation they write), I hope to
>> get scores of semitechnical Wikimedia editors over the barriers to
>> technical contribution.
>> OpenHatch will, among other tasks:
>> * Develop novice-focused curricula that include tutorials for novices
>> * Design at least three project-based exercises for novices, based on
>> the model OpenHatch created with its Python and open source workshops
>> * Review existing public reference and tutorial material on the topics
>> * Update or write relevant instructional documentation on mediawiki.org,
>> including writing high-quality setup instructions for a new developer's
>> development environment
>> * Find on-the-ground volunteers to help address problems that newcomers
>> will face
>> * Disseminate lessons learned to the Wikimedia community
> Many thanks for sharing this! Is there any money flow involved im this
> partnership as well?
> Rupert

Thanks for the question, Rupert. Yes, the Wikimedia Foundation
engineering department is paying OpenHatch for this work. We hired
OpenHatch as a contractor.

Sumana Harihareswara
Engineering Community Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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