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SYSLINUX 3.60-pre4 released



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hpa at zytor

Dec 14, 2007, 3:22 PM

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SYSLINUX 3.60-pre4 released

I have just pushed out SYSLINUX 3.60-pre4.

I have deferred the gPXE integration branch to a later release, since it
looks like the gPXE folks are stalled on their end. Highly
unfortunately, because it's cool stuff.

What I *do* have, however, is support for a small amount of storage in
the boot loader -- currently only implemented for EXTLINUX, but the
infrastructure is there for all of them. This is currently used to
support boot-once but is also accessible to modules via API functions.

I want to emphasize that this is bleeding edge, emphasis on bleeding,
and that it does involve writing to the disk, which is new as far as
SYSLINUX is concerned. *In particular* I can't promise for sure that
the code to disable this stuff on non-EXTLINUX derivatives is currently
working, which means you could have ISOLINUX trying to write to your
hard disk (highly unlikely, but still...)


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