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Mailing List Archive: ripMIME: general
RipMIME issue, File Name Too Long?

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nickm at mnsi

Dec 6, 2005, 12:21 PM

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RipMIME issue, File Name Too Long?


I've noticed today that a ripmime process on my server has been
chewing up considerable cpu resources and seems to be stuck... currently
the process has been running for over 15 minutes. When I checked my
syslog, I found the following error:

Dec 6 14:52:02 placebo X-Qmail-Scanner-1.25: [placebo1133898720493121]
d_m: output spotted from /usr/local/bin/ripmime --unique_names -i - -d
(mime.c:2271:MIME_generate_multiple_hardlink_filenames:WARNING: While
trying to create
link to
(File name too long)

Is there some flag I should be running with my qmail-scanner to correct
for this issue?

Any help would be great,

Nicolas MacPherson
nickm [at] mnsi

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RipMIME issue, File Name Too Long? nickm at mnsi Dec 6, 2005, 12:21 PM

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