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Moving the QMail Queue.

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mhutchinson at manux

Mar 5, 2008, 8:18 PM

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Moving the QMail Queue.

Hi all,

I have to create a new mail server which will take over the job of the
current mail server. It was intended to have some new hardware for this,
but it now looks like it is not going to happen. Basically, I am going
to have to build on the existing hardware.

The bit I am most worried about (aside from the obvious downtime) is
moving the qmail queue from the old setup to the new one. Does anyone
have a document relating to the procedure for this? I am aware I can't
just copy the queue files from one setup to another and expect it to

Any opinions on the best approach out of:

A: setup the old qmail on another box and change some settings on it so
it forwards all mail to the new qmail server (basically smarthosting) -
although I am worried in this circumstance that putting the queue on
another disk will probably break it.

B: moving the queue from the old setup to the new one, via file
transfer, and making it a valid queue, allowing the new machine to
deliver all the mail from the old one. Also worried about moving the
queue, to another disk, and breaking it.

Either of these options is not optimal. Optimal would be having new
hardware to build on so if it breaks we have the old server to fall back
to. Has anyone been asked to do such an upgrade without being able to
use new hardware? And, is this too risky a process to do without new
hardware? (I personally think it is too risky but would like some backup

Thanks for any input,

Michael Hutchinson

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Moving the QMail Queue. mhutchinson at manux Mar 5, 2008, 8:18 PM
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