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Re: [Python-checkins] devguide: Record Richard Oudkerk.



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eric at trueblade

Apr 30, 2012, 12:36 AM

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Re: [Python-checkins] devguide: Record Richard Oudkerk.

> +- Richard Oudkerk was given push privileges on Apr 29 2012 by Antoine Pitrou
> + on recommendation by Charles-François Natali and Jesse Noller, for various
> + contributions to multiprocessing (and original authorship of
> + multiprocessing's predecessor, the processing package).

Could one of you (Antoine, Charles-Francois, or Jesse) ask Richard to
subscribe to python-committers? Or if you're reading this, Richard,
could you subscribe? It's at

I think there may have been some other recent committers for whom I
didn't see subscribe requests, but I don't track it all that closely.

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