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[issue13405] Add DTrace probes



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May 10, 2012, 2:08 PM

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[issue13405] Add DTrace probes

Dave Malcolm <dmalcolm [at] redhat> added the comment:

I've refreshed my SystemTap patch, and opened a new issue, issue #14776 to cover SystemTap.

Issue #4111 was originally opened on 2008-10-12 as "Add DTrace probes", and was generalized on 2009-12-08 to "Add Systemtap/DTrace probes". That issue was closed on 2011-11-14 to be superceded by issue #13405 ("Add DTrace probes"), hence I opened the SystemTap RFE as a separate issue to this one.

As noted in issue #14776: I believe that although DTrace and SystemTap are similar, they are sufficiently different from each other that it's going to take separate work to support one or the other (and that the maintainers of the support for each within CPython are likely to be different people). I hope that once one of them is merged, the other will become a lot easier to merge.


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