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Mailing List Archive: OpenStack: Operators
Re: [Openstack] Mailing-list split

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everett.toews at cybera

Apr 30, 2012, 11:01 AM

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Re: [Openstack] Mailing-list split [In reply to]

Hi Stefano,

I was replying to Duncan's email, not Thierry's. I'm all for the new
openstack-dev list.

It was Duncan's proposal that the other lists be split as so.

1. openstack-dev = Dev
2. openstack = Ops
3. openstack-operators = DevOps

I am questioning the necessity to have both lists 2 and 3. My proposal
boils down to the question, does the DevOps community really need its own

I'm willing to wait until the next Summit to see what the traffic numbers
are like on the openstack and openstack-operators lists before any
decisions are made around merging them or keeping them separate. However, I
still think it's worthwhile to ask the question above.


On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 11:08 AM, Stefano Maffulli <stefano [at] openstack>wrote:

> hi Everett,
> On Mon 30 Apr 2012 09:12:24 AM PDT, Everett Toews wrote:
> > It's strange to me that we would take the existing mailing list
> > openstack-operators and move the Ops people on it to the openstack
> > list and repurpose the openstack-operators for DevOps people.
> I'm lost here, I don't understand what you're proposing to do.
> Let's summarize:
> Thierry framed the problem:
> > The traffic on the openstack [at] lists list doubled in the
> > last 4 months [3], with more users and deployers asking for information
> > on OpenStack projects.
> And he made a proposa to split between:
> > 1/ Usage, deployment, Essex / current-stable discussions
> > 2/ Development, contribution, Folsom / forward-looking discussions
> >
> > A new list will be created for (2) and existing contributors will be
> > asked to subscribe to that new list
> He said nothing about point 1. I assumed that openstack-operators is
> one of the place for discussions around usage, deployment and such
> (another place for that is the forum).
> It seems to me there there is consensus to keep openstack-operators and
> forums running therefore I'll ask Todd to review the
> openstack.org/community pages (and the top navigation bar) in order to
> make these landing destinations more prominent.
> Cheers,
> stef

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