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[Bug 1273] Interactive mode detection should not be predicated on pty allocation



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Oct 9, 2011, 5:33 PM

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[Bug 1273] Interactive mode detection should not be predicated on pty allocation


Tim Connors <tim.w.connors [at] gmail> changed:

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CC| |tim.w.connors [at] gmail

--- Comment #6 from Tim Connors <tim.w.connors [at] gmail> 2011-10-10 11:33:22 EST ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> Sure, the "connection closed" message is arguably redundant in cases
> where the connection was closed because of user interaction, but the
> user may not have been expecting the connection to close.
> For example:
> # ssh -t user [at] somehos sudo -s
> --- welcome to somehost ---
> # do something
> #
> Connection to somehost closed
> #
> The message is pretty important in this case if the close is
> unexpected, especially if the next command is "reboot" :)

Ideally people have something useful in their $PS1 rather than just
"#". And if they don't, they deserve to reboot their operational
machines at the wrong time.

> Again, I think Loglevel=quiet is the right answer for you - it
> suppresses only informational messages, warnings and errors are still
> displayed.

Please be aware that the workaround for this bug is not suitable. For
instance, "ssh -o Loglevel=quiet -t" to a host with a changed hostkeys
results in an error code of 255 and absolutely no messages at all,
instead of the hint:

That in itself is probably a bug, in that the warning message is being
logged at the same level as something as informational as "connection
closed" (seriously? "connection to blah closed" is logged at a "fatal"
level instead of just "info", according to my testing a moment ago?).

But this would be a lot more acceptable if I didn't have to supply "-o
Loglevel=quiet" just to avoid a silly redundant message printed out at
the end of my non-interactive session that nevertheless needed a tty

Please consider reopening this bug.

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