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Re: GRE between EX3200

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jpaulhamus at iu17

Apr 25, 2012, 7:49 AM

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Re: GRE between EX3200 [In reply to]

This is in the release notes for 12.1 now.

Generic routing encapsulation—EX3200 and EX4200 switches now support generic routing encapsulation (GRE), a tunneling protocol to transport packets over a network. You can use GRE tunneling services to encapsulate any network layer protocol over any other network layer protocol. Acting as a tunnel source router, the switch encapsulates a payload packet that is to be transported through a tunnel to a destination network. The switch first encapsulates the payload packet in a GRE packet and then encapsulates the resulting GRE packet in a delivery protocol. A switch performing the role of a tunnel remote router extracts the tunneled packet and forwards the packet to the destination network. GRE tunnels can be used to connect noncontiguous networks and to provide options for networks that contain protocols with limited hop counts. [See Understanding Generic Routing Encapsulation .]

From: paul.magee [at] agencyport [paul.magee [at] agencyport]
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 10:15 AM
To: juniper-nsp [at] puck
Subject: [j-nsp] GRE between EX3200

Hi all,

Has anyone had any luck with GRE tunnels on the EX3200? I've found an
old thread from 2010 that seems to suggest that the functionality has
drifted in and out of support on various versions of JunOS, and was
roadmapped for permanent inclusion...



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juniper-nsp mailing list juniper-nsp [at] puck
juniper-nsp mailing list juniper-nsp [at] puck

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