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Prefix Pollution

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Michael.Dillon at radianz

Dec 14, 2004, 5:57 AM

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Prefix Pollution

I generally agree with Randy's viewpoint on this.
However, I think that the problem of pollution arises
from people's behavior and there are some social
engineering actions that can help. For instance
back in 2001 there was a lot of publicity about the
problem but then around the time that Cengiz presented
his findings, it seemed like the telecom collapse
had solved the problem. I think a lot of people who
could be cleaning up their announcements have
put this mentally on the back burner.

>i proposed to rodney today, there are three types of prefix
> o pure crap, such as that we see on top of the weekly
> report
> o someone traffic engineering
> o legitimate holes (someone moving from at&t's 12/8)

I like this. If we can come up with some reasonable
definitions for this then perhaps we can talk
Team Cymru into providing these "prefix attributes"
as yet another feed. The bogon feed has a
growing profile and the fact that RIRs regularly
release new /8's helps keep this issue alive.
I wouldn't want this to be just jumbled with the
bogon feed, but a separate feed of "prefix pollution"
would be just about right.

The big task is going to be identifying the
traffic engineering and the legitimate holes.
That's where this list could be helpful so that
people can explain what they are really doing
with their shorter prefixes in case they get

--Michael Dillon

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