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Mailing List Archive: nsp: force10
S50 and default-network

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thias at spam

Jun 19, 2008, 6:09 AM

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S50 and default-network

Hi everyone,

This list seems very calm lately, but it's the first place I've found
for Force10 technical discussions, so here I go...

I just bought three S50 switches and stacked them together. So far, so
good. I've been having trouble with the Force10 support, because I
couldn't download an image from their website for a switch on which I
had damaged the image, but that's another story... (and for the record,
you can't copy from an installed image to tftp or xmodem to make a

I've set them up in a stack, which is working fine. I've got two
uplinks arriving, both set up with OSPF and receiving routes fine. The
issue is that the provider isn't sending any route which the
stack would then pick up as its default gateway, as explained in the
Force10 Tips and Tricks :

With any Cisco Catalyst equipment, the solution here is to use the "ip
default-network <network>" configuration, and since the network will be
known through both uplinks, it would work and provide failover.

With those Force10 S50 switches, that configuration doesn't seem to be
possible, unless I'm missing something. For now I've configured two
default gateways pointing to the remote IP addresses of both uplinks,
but this is far more ugly and doesn't provide the same level of

Does anyone know if the default-network options is something Cisco
specific? I thought it wasn't, and that it would be present in the
enhanced Level 3 image Force10 charges for to get OSPF, as it makes a
lot of sense when using OSPF...

Any pointers would be welcome!


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