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cannot connect to server / win -> fbsd



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Florian.Scholl at alcan

Nov 4, 2008, 1:38 AM

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cannot connect to server / win -> fbsd


i'm having trouble connecting a windows nessus client to the nessus

Nessus Client v3.2.1.1 (Windows XP)
Error when trying to connect: "It was not possible to log in using the
supplied credentials"

/usr/local/var/nessus/logs/nessusd.messages (FreeBSD 8.0)
[Tue Nov 4 10:14:47 2008][1022] Client requested protocol version 12.
[Tue Nov 4 10:14:47 2008][1022] successful login of test from x.x.x.x

User test was added through nessus-adduser and has a password set.

If i try connecting with a wrong password the response on the server looks
like this:
[Tue Nov 4 10:28:28 2008][1075] Client requested protocol version 12.
[Tue Nov 4 10:28:28 2008][1075] bad login attempt from x.x.x.x

The error message from the nessus client is always the same.

Any ideas?


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