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Nessus 3.1.4 (beta) available : bug fixes, 64 bits support



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deraison at nessus

Jun 7, 2007, 5:09 AM

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Nessus 3.1.4 (beta) available : bug fixes, 64 bits support


Nessus 3.1.4 (beta) is now available for download.

This release contains several fixes detailed below, and adds support
for Debian 4.0 and Red Hat ES 5 running on intel 64 bits CPUs.

*** Note that the whole Nessus 3.1.x cycle is considered as being in
beta !

Main changes in this release :

- 64 bits builds (for Debian 4 and Red Hat ES 5 only at this time)

- Fedora Core 7 build

- Better support for IPv6. In particular, the functions
get_local_mac_addr() / get_gw_mac_addr() work when dealing with an
IPv6 host

- Fixed a bug related to the maximum number of TCP sessions set in
parallel and which would cause nessusd to use more CPU than what is

- Added several fixes in the NASL interpreter. In some cases, a copy-
on-write operation would not be detected properly thus leading to
incorrect modifications of some variables ;

- Fixed nessuscmd which would not be able to use the local nessus
daemon any more

- The 'nessus' command-line utility can now produce the same report
type (.nessus) as the Mac OS X client (which is the XML export we'll
eventually standardize everything on).

- Several other smaller bug fixes as well as further optimisations to
reduce memory usage.

Nessus 3.1.4 can be downloaded right now from http://www.nessus.org/

You can send me your feedback directly, or thru http://bugs.nessus.org/


-- Renaud
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