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HDHomerun and collectd/observium



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pieter at insync

Jul 28, 2012, 4:30 PM

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HDHomerun and collectd/observium

Hi Guys,

I doubt there are many of you out there that will have this, but being
the geek of the family, I have :)

I have written an Observium plugin to monitor (and graph) the "debug"
stats of my HDHomerun. This makes for some "good reading" and has let to
a few network optimizations :)

I will admit the text can do with some work, but hey, it does the job :)

Since I am changing the script, mail me for it, "in the current state".

http://www.insync.za.net/hdhomerun/ss_0.png <-- Tuner 0 signal, tuned to
TV1/2 multiplex
<http://www.insync.za.net/hdhomerun/ss_0.png> <-- Tuner 1 signal, tuned
to TV3/PRIME multiplex
<http://www.insync.za.net/hdhomerun/ss_0.png> <-- Tuner 0 SEQ
<http://www.insync.za.net/hdhomerun/ss_0.png> <-- Bytes/Second used by
the tuner



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