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Myth on an iPod

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yan at seiner

Apr 20, 2012, 12:09 PM

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Myth on an iPod

I have a setup where my myth box can play music on my deck. I'd like to
be able to display a remote front end on an iPod and select the music that

Now I know little to nothing about how iPods work; I'm not an Apple guy
and I personally don't use Apple products. But my kids do.

I'm not talking about running a front end on an iPod; I am talking about
displaying a frontend on an iPod that's running on my backend.

So I'm talking about something like XDMCP or VNC. All I want to do is
play music not watch videos....

Any suggestions?

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Myth on an iPod yan at seiner Apr 20, 2012, 12:09 PM
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