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Mailing List Archive: Maemo: Commits

projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/ - karoliina - r991



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www-data at stage

Sep 27, 2005, 12:33 PM

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projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/ - karoliina - r991

2005-09-27 Karoliina Salminen <karoliina.t.salminen [at] nokia>
* Applied lowmem infoprint patch from Guillem Jover:
* When CONFIG_LOWMEM_DIM is TRUE, all buttons that can start new
applications are dimmed when we are in the 'lowmem' situation.
* When CONFIG_LOWMEM_NOTIFY is TRUE, notify information to the user
upon entering and leaving the 'lowmem' situation.
* When CONFIG_LOWMEM_PAVLOV_DIALOG is TRUE, display a dialog instead of
an infoprint upon entering the 'lowmem' situation.
* Upgraded package version to 1.52.0
* Changed files:
hildon-navigator-main.c Added the getting of env variables
hildon-navigator-main.h Added externs for the globals that are used
to contain the content of the env variables
windowmanager.c Added showing of lowmem notification dialog
maemo-af-desktop.sh Added the new env variables

U projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/ChangeLog
U projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/configure
U projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/configure.ac
U projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/debian/changelog
U projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/hildon-navigator/hildon-navigator-main.c
U projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/hildon-navigator/hildon-navigator-main.h
U projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/hildon-navigator/windowmanager.c
U projects/haf/trunk/maemo-af-desktop/maemo-af-desktop.sh

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