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community calendar beta is out



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ferenc at maemo

Aug 14, 2007, 8:03 AM

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community calendar beta is out


Today we had a great sprint here with the Midgard gurus. We finally
published the "maemo community calendar beta".

For the impatient:

The project focuses on adapting the calendar user interface to fit the
Internet Tablets (Nokia 770 and N800), taking into account the screen
resolution and limitations like difficulty of drag-and-drop with the

Beta documentation can be found at this blog post:

The beta testing period is roughly 4 weeks. We will assign and
prioritize the bugs received during this period. The schedule of the
"final release" will be announced later.

We appreciate your feedback. Please submit bugs at
https://bugs.maemo.org or send us email to calendar [at] maemo

Many thanks for the whole team, and especially Jerry for the hard work
to make this release today!

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