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tiger test vectors unusual?



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dkg at fifthhorseman

Nov 10, 2009, 11:43 PM

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tiger test vectors unusual?

in tests/basic.c, it looks like the following two test vectors are
displayed for the tiger192 digest:

"\xB1\xBB\x92\x5F\xF3\x73\xDE\x2D\x49\x58\x4E\x7A" },
{ GCRY_MD_TIGER, "abc",
"\xFF\xC5\xB8\xBF\x93\x5F\x7B\x95\x1C\x13\x29\x51" },

however the test vectors i could find on the net don't seem to agree
that these are the correct values:



Set 1, vector# 0:
message="" (empty string)


Set 1, vector# 2:


CPAN's Digest::Tiger contains the same two values in its test suite as
the nessie test vectors, as do the test vectors at:


the test vectors in http://www.hotpixel.net/TigerNET102.zip also agree
with these other implementations (and disagree with gcrypt), as do the
test vectors in http://org.rodage.com/pub/java/security/TigerTest.java

and the wider consensus '' test vector is again corroborated here:


I've yet to find another Tiger implementation with the same test vectors
as gcrypt's test vectors.

Is gcrypt's implementation of Tiger trying to implement a different
algorithm than these other implementations or is there a bug somewhere?
Or have i misunderstood something?

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