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Mailing List Archive: Gentoo: SPARC

Re: Ferris, I am switching to email.



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fmccor at gentoo

Jun 27, 2007, 9:38 AM

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Re: Ferris, I am switching to email.

On Wed, 2007-06-27 at 12:18 -0400, ken jones wrote:
> Ferris,
> re: GENTOO FORUMS; kjones
> You wrote,"Please join #gentoo-sparc on freenode IRC channel; someone
> else is going to have to help with this, too, because I am just not
> seeing it."
> I went to my Widows XP system and found:
> "Java IRC Webchat freenode
> IRC Server: irc.freenode.net:6667 IRC Channel: #gentoo-sparc"
> It brings up what I believe is a JAVA driven window. Red outline. List
> of present participants. Public and Private select buttons. A single
> line into which I can type.
> All I see are people signing in and out. No meaningful discussions of
> anything. I am confused.
Often that's all you will see. Activity is sporadic. Besides me,
others marked as present and as channel operators should be able to
help. Just try saying something --- if you see what you said.

I keep repeating this, but don't understand your problem:

You MUST get a clean install of
emerge eselect
emerge eselect-opengl
emerge glproto

If those fail, something quite unusual is going on with your system.
Make sure you have USE="X opengl dri" set someplace. You can try
emerge -C eselect eselect-opengl glproto mesa
to recover.
Once those are installed, then
emerge mesa
should "just work" assuming your VIDEO_CARDS= xxx is set correctly
in /etc/make.conf. For example, on my systems, I need the Creator/Elite
video driver, and have
VIDEO_CARDS='dummy fbdev sunffb'
(sunffb is the driver for Creator and Elite frame buffers).

(Actually, after that 'emerge -C ...' just 'emerge mesa' should bring in
everything you need. To make sure, see what 'emerge -pv mesa' tells
> My history with sparc is two machines that I rescued from dumpsters.
> One I have been running with Aurora since 2004. The other I got this
> spring on which I tried to run Gentoo 2006.
> I am tempted to blow away everything on the hard drives, boot again
> from my installation disk and start all over. I hesitate because it has
> been very difficult to get as far as I am. All I want is X11. I do not
> even need a fancy manager.
> If I can not make any better sense of 'Java IRC Webchat freenode' I
> shall do just that.
> Thank you again and again.
> Ken Jones
Sorry I can't really address your problem. You can ask gustavoz if
anyone else has had any problems with 'emerge mesa' --- I haven't heard
of any.

Ferris McCormick (P44646, MI) <fmccor [at] gentoo>
Developer, Gentoo Linux (Devrel, Sparc)
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