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KDE Team meeting, June 2009



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scarabeus at gentoo

Jun 16, 2009, 2:58 AM

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KDE Team meeting, June 2009

yay this time i forgot to sent the mail sooner, hope you won't be angry on me.
Important info:
Where: #gentoo-kde @ freenode.net
When: 18.6.2009 19:00 UTC

This time topics:
- Solving the final question about kdeprefix.
- KDE 4 Stabilisation.
- handle the PyQt3 qscintilla dependencies
- Progress of kde3 mess and way how anyone can help (here we call even for
non-kdeteam devs)
- Solving the python issues within KDE4, currently with +kdeprefix KDE 4.2 and
4.3 cant live next to each other due to packages installed into site-packages
for python.

Meeting is mandatory for kde team members and HTs. Anyone else is highly
welcomed, especialy constructive ideas will be warmly accepted :]

If you would like to add something else to meeting topics just reply to this

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