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DRBD tuning effect



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pierpaolo.fasano at coritel

May 3, 2012, 7:06 AM

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DRBD tuning effect

Hi guys,
please may you help me with an issue?

This is my case:
I'm trying to boost throughput of my system by means of DRBD tuning. Actually increasing max-buffers value I got higher performance but I'm wondering if some drawbacks can occur.

For that reason I'd like to better understand the ACK dynamic: supposing that I use protocol C, does the Secondary node send the ACK to the Primary when either data has reached the DRBD buffer (which max-buffers refers to) or data is written from buffer on disk?

Sayng it in a clearer way: does a bigger "max-buffers" value cause a harmful effect on HA systems?

Thanks in advance!

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