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[dbmail-memcache] 11k key problem

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skraps at hushmail

Apr 9, 2012, 5:52 PM

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[dbmail-memcache] 11k key problem

I know this might not be suitable for dbmail but it suites as a
solution to my problem.

Ok i think I figured out the solution to my problem with large
attachments. the 11k key problem. I think I need to separate the
attachment from the mimedata, then make refrences back to the
attachment maybe leave them in a separate table or possible even do a
download system by stripping the attachments and then inserting links
into the emails, using a kinda pop/imap before download type system
based off of IP addresses. I'm currently figuring out how I am going
to regex the attachment. That would also relieve the imap and pop
servers from having to transfer attachments that a user may not want.
I know alot of attachments sent in businesses can be redundant. A
spread sheet or zip package that is sent to `10-20 people but 5-10 out
of those people have already received it. Then possible adding a value
that if it is a groupd message to reference to store the attachment
once but allow all 10 of those users to download the same file.

hmm, I dunno.

I was talking to friend and I described it as the cup and ball
problem. I have a cup that can be shrunk but it has a tennis ball
inside of it.I need to place the cup into smaller boxes. Now with the
tennis ball in the cup I have to have 11k in boxes to split this
cupinto. So I need to remove the tennis ball from the cup and shrink
the cup becasue the cup can only shrink as much as most tennis balls.
So since the tennis ball will not shrink we need to remove it and
place something that relates to the tennis ball in its place that can

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[dbmail-memcache] 11k key problem skraps at hushmail Apr 9, 2012, 5:52 PM
    Re: [dbmail-memcache] 11k key problem paul at nfg Apr 10, 2012, 12:19 AM

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