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Mailing List Archive: ClamAV: virusdb

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tk at mat

Sep 18, 2003, 12:56 PM

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Submission: 354
Sender: root / triad.dyndns.org
Virus: Unknown Virus
Added: No, Klez.H detected.

Submission: 355, 367
Sender: Farit
Virus: Word macro viruses
Added: Quarantined

Submission: 356
Sender: Seth
Virus: Unknown Virus
Added: No virus detected in downloaded file.

Submission: 357
Sender: Garcia Sebastian
Virus: W32/Mimail [at] M
Added: No, already detected

Submission: 358
Sender: Jack Fung
Virus: Troj/ICQ-ISeekU
Added: No, already detected (exactly with the name above).

Submission: 361
Sender: Farit
Virus: Win32.HLLW.Tefuss.a
Added: Worm.Tefuss.A

Submission: 368
Sender: Farit
Virus: Trivial.161
Added: Yes

Submission: 369
Sender: Farit
Virus: Unix.Tvar
Added: Unix.Shell.Tvar

Submission: 370
Sender: Farit
Virus: Constructor.VBS.Algen.165
Added: Trojan.Algen

Submission: 371
Sender: Farit
Virus: Win32.Egolet.a
Added: Worm.Egolet.A

Submission: 372
Sender: Farit
Virus: HLLC.Deleter.6048
Added: Trojan.Deleter

Submission: 373
Sender: Farit
Virus: Virtool.Win32.APItest
Added: Virtool.APItest

Submission: 374
Sender: Farit
Virus: Win32.Tosep.797
Added: Tosep.797

Submission: 375
Sender: Farit
Virus: Win95.Apop.1086
Added: W95.Apop.1086

Submission: 376
Sender: Farit
Virus: PERL.Rans
Added: Perl.Rans

Submission: 379
Sender: Farit
Virus: IRC-Worm.Cybesh
Added: Worm.IRC.Cybesh

Submission: 380
Sender: Farit
Virus: Trojan.BAT.Cocol
Added: Trojan.BAT.Cocol

Submission: 371
Sender: Farit
Virus: Trojan.BAT.Delsys
Added: Trojan.Bat.Delsys

Submission: 503
Sender: Thomas Lamy
Virus: Worm/Dumaru
Added: No, Worm.Dumaru found.

Submission: 504
Sender: Petri Turunen
Virus: Unknown Virus
Added: No, Worm.Gibe.F found.

Submission: 505
Sender: Dorian Moore
Virus: Unknown Virus
Added: Worm.Gibe.F found.

Submission: 506
Sender: Anthony Stone
Virus: Worm.Gibe.F
Added: No, already detected.

Best regards,
Tomasz Kojm
oo ..... zolw [at] konarski
(\/)\......... http://www.konarski.edu.pl/~zolw
\..........._ I nie zapomnij kliknac w brzuszek...
//\ /\\ <- C. Amboinensis www.pajacyk.pl

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Update tk at mat Sep 18, 2003, 12:56 PM

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