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[Bricolage-Announce] eWeek Reviews Bricolage

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david at kineticode

Aug 3, 2004, 1:24 PM

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[Bricolage-Announce] eWeek Reviews Bricolage

The article was published yesterday. An excerpt:

> Bricolage is quite possibly the most capable enterprise-class
> open-source application available. The Web content management
> application features excellent administration capabilities, and it is
> highly extensible and capable of managing even the biggest and most
> complex Web sites. As an open-source product, Bricolage is free, and
> companies can now purchase support and development services from
> Kineticode.


The article is part of the "Content Management Face-Off" in the current
issue of eWeek:

> Included in this evaluation are the open-source Bricolage 1.8.1,
> Interwoven Inc.'s TeamSite 6.1, CrownPeak Technology Inc.'s Advantage
> CMS, Serena Software Inc.'s Collage 4.5, PaperThin Inc.'s CommonSpot
> Content Server 4.0 and Ektron Inc.'s CMS300 4.5. (The reviews are
> ordered, roughly, from the high end to the low end of the content
> management market.)



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[Bricolage-Announce] eWeek Reviews Bricolage david at kineticode Aug 3, 2004, 1:24 PM

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