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mod_slotlimit module questions



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mohitanchlia at gmail

Nov 27, 2009, 8:43 AM

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mod_slotlimit module questions

I downloaded the source and compiled it. When I read Readme It's
little confusing to me. My questions are:

AvailableSlotsPercent - does it mean that upto 13 LimitSite can be allocated?
LimitSite - does it mean that the site running within the apache
itself or the external site trying to access apache server?
ClientIpLimit - What's the difference between LimitSiteConnections vs

Below is the output from readme:

<IfModule mod_slotlimit.c>

AvailableSlotsPercent 13

MaxConnectionsPerSite 40

LimitSite www.BadSite.xxx
LimitSiteConnections 25

ClientIpLimit 15

ForceVhostName On



Syntax: AvailableSlotsPercent number
Default: 13

Percentage of apache slots available in order to set any restrictions.
Setting it to 0 dynamic slot allocation algorithm will be deactivated.

Syntax: MaxConnectionsPerSite number
Default: No Limit

Max connections for each running site

Syntax: LimitSite site's name

Specific site to limit (You can limit differently only one site).
Setting this directive you must configure LimitSiteConnections or
default value (20) will be used.

Syntax: LimitSiteConnections number
Default: 20

Max connections for "LimitSite"

Syntax: ClientIpLimit number
Default: No Limit

Number of maximum simultaneous connection per IP to the web server.

Syntax: ForceVhostName On|Off
Default: Off

Force vhost hostname in scoreboard. Vhost hostname do not match site
visited under some conditions, for example if you're using mod_vhost_alias.
Setting this directive to On, mod_slotlimit will overwrite vhost hostname
in apache scoreboard.


Syntax: CustomErrMsg "My custom error message"
Default: "Blocked by mod_slotlimit. More information about this
error may be available in the server error log."

A custom error message that allows you to replace default error
message with one you create

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