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New GComm Error?

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New GComm Error?
At the user page my site is now turning out these links http://www.wespreadtheword.net/cgi-bin/comm/modify.cgi?t=luna instead of http://www.wespreadtheword.net/cgi-bin/links/modify.cgi resulting in a 404 error. Suggestions on fixing this?
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Re: [LordStryfe] New GComm Error? In reply to

I just had a quick look (seeing as I set it up for you a while back), and it looks like you're using the wrong tag

<li><a href="http://www.wespreadtheword.net/cgi-bin/links/add.cgi">Add a Link</a><br />Submit a link to the directory.<br />&nbsp;</li>
<li><a href="<%db_cgi_url%>/modify.cgi<%if t%>?t=<%t%><%endif%>">Modify a Link</a><br />Change a link in the directory that you submitted.<br />&nbsp;</li>

The part in red should be:


<%db_cgi_url%> won't work as you are expectig in GComm, as its a seperate script :)


Andy (mod)
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