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Donut’s House of Cupcakes

Save a puppy, kitten or pony and make everyone’s day a little brighter with a scrumptious treat. What could be sweeter?” – The BC SPCA

On February 27th – better known as National Cupcake Day – Gossamer Threads raised $1,522.00 for the BC SPCA.

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Seasons Greetings! – A Walk Down Holiday Card Lane


Office mascot Donut wishes you a Merry Pugmas!

The joyous yet lethargic pug you see there is our office mascot Donut!

He graces our greeting card this year and prompted us to take a walk down memory lane. We’ve kept an archive of our cards this since 2004 and have built up a healthy collection!

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Gossamer Threads Completes SSAE 16 Audit

We’re happy to announce that Gossamer Threads successfully completed an SSAE 16 (US) audit, as well as its Canadian and international counterparts, the CSAE 3416 and ISAE 3402. Often used by companies offering cloud hosting and software as a service, these audits represent an assurance to our clients that we’re meeting the standards and workflow we advertise. Read the rest of this entry »

2 Free Developer Tools

We’ve created some tools to help ourselves out with development. Here are 2 that we hope you’ll find useful:

ssync — A file system mirroring tool

ssync is a linux command line tool that copies a filesystem as efficently as possible, trying to minimize both disk input/output and preserve space. It keeps incremental versions available and hard-links them so as not to duplicate space.

Download ssync

httpd-stat — Access Apache’s server-status

httpd-stat works with apache 1 and apache 2 and reads the shared memory segment directly to access the status info. Useful if apache is overloaded or no free connections.

Download httpd-stat

Check back at our Tools page as we’ll be expanding it with more interesting tools in the near future!

GT Gets A Face-Lift!

New GT Site!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that the Gossamer Threads site has undergone a major overhaul. We’ve been working behind the scenes on our new look for quite a while now, and we’re excited to finally have the chance to show it off.

Take a look around and let us know what you think!