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Gossamer Host is now!


We’re very happy to announce that from now on our hosting department will be known as This change also comes with a new website dedicated to our hosting solutions: Everything hosting related will be found on, while our web development and consulting services will remain here on our gossamer-threads domain.

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Simplifying Content Management for Nissan Europe


Nissan Europe needed an easy way for their smaller European countries’ websites to share and publish content while still keeping in line with the larger presence sites (England, France, etc). After having previously built websites for the markets in question as well as hosting their websites, they now asked us to build an easy-to-use content management system to simplify their workflow. Alongside the new content management system we also restyled their older websites, including a responsive layout.

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World Health Organization Goes Responsive


No doubt, the mobile world has been growing rapidly these past few years. By now there should be more mobile devices on earth than people, according to an infographic posted on This increases the importance of Responsive Web Design; and the World Health Organization (WHO) didn’t want to miss out on the potential user base.

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Wishing You a Happy Holidays and The Bestest of New Years!


Another year, another round of servers and custom development projects!

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WordPress Security: How and Why You Need to Step Up Your Game


WordPress’s overwhelming popularity makes it a target for hackers. Specifically, it’s seen thousands of attacks by botnets (networks of computers infected with malicious software) trying gain entry into these sites by brute-force.

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