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Green Thumbs & Green Beer at Gossamer Threads


This year Gossamer Threads rang in the New Year with style – by celebrating our first Non-Casual Friday! Our typically laid-back team displayed their finest duds, eliciting a heartfelt nod of approval from our peeps. Later we flaunted our superior fashion, heading out for drinks and eliciting stares of envy and admiration from local pub-goers.

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Air Pug Flugtag: The Making and Breaking of History!

Everyone has dreamed of building a cool flying contraption and “flying” it off the roof of their house – others imagine recreating a 7-ft tall replica of their prized pet.

Only a select few would dare to combine both dreams into a single inspired reality.

Introducing Air Pug:


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Avoiding Bumps in the Road with Self- or Fully-Managed IaaS Service Solutions


Whether you are a DIY’er or require a fully-managed team to support you, you can always count on our flexible, fully-hardened and fully-managed network environment to support your business 24/7.


How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Cloud


With all of the “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) models out there today, it can be confusing to pick a provider that offers high performance, is scalable and affordable.


Remembrance Day in Vancouver


Remembrance Day is tomorrow; observed as a statutory holiday in Canada to
honour those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Some commemoration events occur on the day in our downtown community we wish
to highlight, in which a few of us from Gossamer will be participating.

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